Choose From A Vibrant Collection Of Wakeboard Weste And Wetsuit Damen

If you are into water sports such as swimming, surfing, paddle, wakeboard or snorkeling, etc., you should invest in a good damen wetsuit. Wear a wetsuit and take part in your favorite sport all year. It can keep you safe and warm in the icy water in the chilliest time. Why should you have fun in water only in summer? Now you can snorkel or canoe when you want. Head to Lake Constance in a combination of well-equipped diving for women and make awesome memories in the coming winter months. Look smart and stay comfortable in a wetsuit in bright and colorful neoprene. We offer a large collection of diving combination Damen and there is something for everyone. The Neoprenanzuge is a complete combination that is ideal for very cold weather. They are available in various thicknesses from 5 mm to 3 mm. They are made of neoprene foam-S, which makes it very easy to put on or take. The seams are completely glued and the glue blindstitched (GBS). This makes the suit stronger and more durable and allows infiltration of water minimum. The inner lining is made of Thermalflex, a special heat jersey fabric that makes the extreme and is very comfortable on your skin. They are aesthetically pleasing and also contain different colors and patterns like tie and dye and stripes.

Moving warmer weather for Fruhlingsanzug Kurz ruckenreissverschluss which is again available in a variety of different styles. They are also called shorty or combinations combinations of spring. It is smaller and lighter version of the full suit with sleeves and legs cut off partially or completely off. A suit of spring thickness of 2 mm is ideal for temperate climate and cool summers. They have full sleeves and the bottom looks like boardshorts. Another variant of this is the Fruhlingsanzug Kurz Frontreissverschluss which features a zipper in the front. In warmer weather, a 0.5mm spring suit called Kurzarm fruhlingsanzug would be just perfect. The neoprene foam, they are lightweight, stretchy and have short sleeves and bikini bottom. These are ideal for sports such as canoeing, kayaking, paddle board, etc. that does not require a lot of contact with water. If you intend to flaunt your figure, remember to look at our Korsett Fruhlingsanzug. There is a range of flattering shape beautiful spring costume that has a corset top. You can also buy up and down instead of a separate single suit then mix n match to create different styles. Leggins, Jacke, Langarm shirt, shirt, Oberteil Langes, Bauchfreies Oberteil and shorts board, can all be purchased separately according to your needs. We also offer a range of reversible impact jackets or wakeboarding weste that is perfect for all lovers of wakeboarding. This is the most important piece of clothing because it can save your life. Not only does it help you stay afloat, an impact vest or Schutzwesten can save you some serious injuries. It protects your torso against heavy accidents that can easily break ribs and spine and damage vital organs. If you go wakeboarding, wearing a weste wakeboarding is absolutely. Made of neoprene panels and super-elastic core segmented foam, they are well adjusted and allow maximum movement of the body. Protect yourself from serious injury by wearing one of our jackets stylish impact.