How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students

It is a time of fashion and fashion is very influential in our lives. In fact, it adds diversity to our lives by offering an enthusiastic look to find something new and different, otherwise it would be a dull life if we were supposed to dress and act the same way. Fashion is an expression of a particular distinctive style in clothing, shoes, accessories or makeup. It is the style of doing something, looking different and deal with others. It encircles a wide range of categorization like behavior, speech, actions, habits and lifestyle. There are a lot of intellectual discussion on fashion and clothing and their importance in today's society. Fashion and clothing can be defined as many things that keep our society together. Fashion can be defined as an existing standard or style of dress, manners and socialization mode, while the clothes are defined as clothing collectively. If fashion and clothing were eliminated from our lives, there would be no room for individuality and the world population would be the same. There would also be a loss of distinctions between social classes, which was defined in the 18th century, but is still present today. The eradication of fashion and clothing also would change the dynamics of the social world and social relations.

Mod, short form of "modern" refers to a lifestyle of youth that came out of London in the 1960s and quickly spread to other parts of the world. Being fashionable is not only desirable but also satisfactory. It is very common that young students attracted by the most fashionable and start following trends instantly and fashion influences our strong youth. Fashion always has an impact on society. It affects our views and attitude towards the social culture. We introduce new ways of lifestyle through fashion and educate ourselves to restore a new line of customs. It is a leading social statement chief for students to make an appearance outside of their social circle. Malcolm Barnard said in his mode of communication book "fashion and clothing have always been explained as forms of communication" (39). Students use fashion to share their feelings and beliefs. They use fashion as a social contact means by referring to scrutiny for all kinds of people. Fashion is a means of communication to convey to the world what their personality is really saying. The decade of 1920 is called the age of the flamboyant youth because of its wild and jazzy expression. In this period, the energy of youth was released in a new way and no style seemed too ridiculous to become a couture. Our world is globalized. Celebrities play a very important role in young people's lives. Students look to their favorite icons to keep current. While watching TV or using the Internet, they can easily be attracted to a variety of concepts in fashion. In addition, students idealize their favorite stars and they always have the desire to be like them so they do their best to mimic the appearance and lifestyle of their idols. They try to grasp the current fashion of their society to enhance their personality. Every time they socialize, they talk about new things that could be adapted. They use unnaturally expression, speech and mannerisms in their routine life that is fairly artificial.