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Triathlon is an extremely popular sport in Europe with thousands of participants from different nations race to win the relay or individual teams. Hundreds of thousands of spectators gather around the race course or in a stage of triathlon. The whole race is divided into three parts, swimming, bike race and a marathon race. Over sixty triathlon tournaments are held every year in Germany alone, in cities such as Berlin, Bonn, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Roth, Heilbronn, Ruegen, Munich and many more. Triathlon races are held round the year in different weather conditions you need to prepare accordingly. A triathlon is broadly divided into three different parts and you will need a combination that suits all. For example, for the swimming event, you'll need a lightweight fabric that will increase your buoyancy and improve your speed. But we must also keep in mind that the triathlon swimming is usually held in open waters which could be cold in cold weather. Thus, the fabric of your suit should also protect you from the cold.

Once you are out of the water of Your damen triathlonanzug or trisuit must also dry quickly so you can continue with the other parts of the race comfortably. You must find a fabric that does all this, but is still quite affordable. The magic solution to this confusion is neoprene. It is a very light and flexible fabric which is worn like a second skin, but still allows ease of movement. While you're in the water, neoprene allows only a small amount of water into your oozing trisuit. Your body heat quickly warms up and the thin layer of warm water then acts as a barrier between your skin and the ice cold water, providing great insulation. To make things even better, neoprene is actually filled with foam material that increases buoyancy and allows you to float more easily. If you're still not convinced, here's another fun fact. Neoprene dries very quickly, so it dry in a few minutes out of water. So you will remain completely dry and comfortable throughout the bike race and marathon race until you finish the triathlon. Triathlonanzug damen or a triathlon suit designed specifically for women is of absolute importance. Since the male and female anatomy is very different, there can be no Unisex triathlon suit. The adjustment has to be absolutely right, as an ill-fitting suit or allow ample hot water in the suit to flush and replace it with cold water. To ensure the most perfect fit, our triathlon suit is available in a variety of sizes ranging from XXS to L. With a large selection of trisuits available, you must be confused as to what would be the best choice for your triathlon. Depending on the weather and your personal preferences, you can choose whether or Neoprenanzuge Fruhlingsanzug Kurz Frontreissverschluss. This is also called the combination shorty or spring suit. This would be the best choice for triathlon as the arms and legs are cut. This will help you more in the bike race. Depending on the weather, you can choose from different thicknesses. The Springsuit is available in 2 mm, 1 mm and 0.5 mm thick. If the weather is too cold, you can also wear a full suit with a zipper opening just for the swim and remove quickly and proceed with the other parts of the race.